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How to import products From China

Apply for membership code
Apply for a membership code to use when importing products. www.ptcargoplus.com
Shipping products to a Chinese warehouse
Once you have received the membership code, please ship the product to the Chinese warehouse address below. Chinese language,广州市,白云区,永平街道,元下田丛云路 815 pictures AA1 PT (VP______) 仓库 510440 Contact number: 186-1737-3118 / VP______ - If you want to send by car, specify customer codeVP_____. - If you want to send by ship, specify -S after the VP code, such as VP____-S. ** Please emphasize to the shop to write the code VP___ on the front of the box every time. Copy this Chinese word and let us know. 麻烦你在外箱子帮我贴唛头 VP.....enter your VP code..... It's not like this, it's not like this**