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How to order products From China-Thailand

Select product
Select a product by typing the name of the product you want in the search box above or copy and paste the URL link from the website 1688 or Taobao, then click on the "Search" button.
Specify color, site, quantity
Choose the complete color, size and quantity. then click on the button "Add to cart"
Create a purchase order
When all products have been added to the cart, click on the button. "Create Purchase Order" to send the order to the agent.
Waiting for summary of product cost and Chinese shipping cost.
The staff will summarize the shipping costs in China. Using a duration of approximately 30 minutes.
Pay for the product
When the staff has finalized the China shipping costs, click on the "Pay" button to confirm the order. (Bill will be automatically closed if payment is not made within 3 days)
Pay import fees
When the product is ready in the container There will be a notification of import fees entered into the system. Click on the "Pay" button again to pay the import fee. (In the case of the customer having the product delivered, there will be additional costs in this section)